The 50th Anniversary

Salute to Dennis Brain

1st September 2007
2 & 7 PM
Art Renaissance Akashi,
Honmachi, Akashi,
50 invited guests only
Manami Yuasa solo & 1st horn *
Wind Instrument Specialty of Soai University, Osaka. She made her solo debut playing Mozart's Concerto No.1 K412 on 6th May 2006.

Tomoe Mishima 2nd horn *
Takashi Wada 3rd horn *
Yukihiro Okitsu 4th horn *
Naoki Sakamoto 5th horn
Madoka & Yui Takeda
assistant horns *

Chiharu Yuasa
piano & wood block

* Akashi High School Music Club Alumni

Today (BBC Radio 4)

East Midland Horn Festival

Kerry Turner (AHQ)

Dennis Brain Conservatorio

Dennis Brain   We will soon greet 1st September this year to recollect the genius Dennis Brain who was killed by a car accident 50 years ago. A plan of a gathering to remember him with 50 admirers has made.

   I had sometimes met good horn players who occasionally appeared as new genius, but I returned again to Dennis Brain. I know he is a pleasant person without remaining in splendour of a performance.

   Let's share a time to honor Dennis Brain, and please tell your story. Let's meet in Akashi where the Japanese meridian goes along.

Naoki Sakamoto
(Sakura Philharomonic Orchestra, Chiba Pref.)


Composer Title Explanation
Marin Marais Le Basque Dennis played it as an encore at his Wind Ensemble Concert in Edinburgh Festival on 24th August 1957. Le Basque is known as the piece of his last solo performance.
Mozart Duet for two horns No.12 He played it with Neil Sanders in BBC Radio Programme 'Lecture Recital Early Horn' on 23th July, 1955.
Mozart Rondo from Concerto No.4 K.495 Dennis recorded it for the first time with Halle Orchestra on 1st June, 1943. Tina Brain (Dennis's niece) arranged the Rondo for horn duo.
Peter Maxwell Davis Fanfare - Salute to Dennis Brain
(Dennis Brain Day performance)
Michael Thompson premiered it at Djanogly Recital Hall on 25th March 2007 in East Midlands Horn Festival.
(Special thanks to Mr. Stuart Bower who provided us this music.)
William Walton Popular Song
from Façade
Philharmonia in Dennis Brain era recorded Façade twice. One by Lanbert and the other by the composer himself. Someone arranged this music for horn quartet and wood block!
Humperdink Evening Benediction
from Hänsel und Gretel
Herbert von Karajan and Philharmonia recorded the complete opera. Dennis and his colleagues made a supreme performance at the top of the overture.

Speaker's Corner

Talk your own Dennis Brain stories


Handel / Water Music etc.
The Royal Air Force Symphony Orchestra conducted by Rudolf O'Donnell (The first public performance) *


Photocopies of a Scrap book of the Royal Air Force Central Band US Tour 1944/45 (The first public exhibition) *
Original RAF Concert Programme (January 19th, 1945) (The first public exhibition)*

The materials marked * were kindly sent from Gil Singleton, Bandmaster of the Central Band of the Royal Air Force.
He will soon publish a book entitled "Uniforms of Musicians in the Royal Air Force and its Predecessors - A Photograpnic History".
Dennis Brain's signature was from Naoto Kinoshita.

Holy Trinity Church , Leeds, England 11:00

Aberdeen, Scotland 16:00
Robert Martin, principal horn of the Aberdeen Sinfonietta

The Swiss Italian Conservatory, Lugano, Switzerland 20:30
American Horn Quartet along with Kristina Mascher

An enthusiasm for Dennis Brain

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