Recordings of Kaoru Chiba

   In 1956 the Bunka Broadcasting Radio Station formed the Japan Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra. The founder and first conductor was Akeo Watanabe. Watanabe asked Kaoru Chiba (6.March 1928/21.June 2008), principal horn of the NHK Symphony Orchestra, to join his new orchestra. Chiba agreed, but stipulated that Aubrey Brain should come to the orchestra for a year or so.

   Then news came from Dennis Brain that his father had died. Having made the connection, Chiba asked Brain to give him some lessons in London. Brain readily took up the offer. Chiba had a mind to buy a new instrument in Europe, so he set out without horn.

   Chiba came to London in December 1956. Brain was surprised to see empty-handed Chiba. The first work was to find a good instrument. The lessons lasted until April 1957. Brain then became very busy and could not see Chiba until the following September.

   So Chiba went over to the Continent and returned to London in the end of August. Then a newspaper announced Brain's death in a car accident. Chiba was quite at a loss what to do for some days in London.

   According to Chiyoshige Matsubara, Chiba had put his instrument Alexander F single horn on the knee and played it before studying abroad, however, after studying abroad he played Alexander B flat single horn raising Bell to a shoulder like his teacher Dennis Brain.

Yukihiro Okitsu