The "Titanic" Band Memorial Concert

Under the Auspices of The Orchestral Association

Royal Albert Hall
Friday 24th May, 1912
(Empire Day). at 3 p.m.



The Philharmonic Orchestra
The Queen's Hall Orchestra
The London Symphony Orchestra
The New Symphony Orchestra
The Beecham Symphony Orchestra
The Royal Opera Orchestra
The London Opera House Orchestra

Sir Edward Elgar, O.M.
(Conductor of the London Symphony Orchestra)
Sir Henry J. Wood.
(Conductor of the Queen's Hall Orchestra)
Mr Landon Ronald.
(Conductor of the New Symphony Orchestra)
Mr. Thomas Beecham
(Conductor of the Beecham Symphony Orchestra)
Mr. Percy Pitt
(Musical Director of the Royal Opera House)
Mr. Fritz Ernaldy
(Conductor of the London Opera House)
Herr Mengelberg

Vocalist: Madame Ada Crossley




Chopin arr Sir Henry Wood: Funeral March. Conducted by Sir Henry J. Wood
Sullivan: Overture - "In Memoriam." Conducted by Mr. Percy Pitt
Elgar: Variations for Full Orchestra Op.36. Conducted by Sir Edward Elgar, O.M.
Mendelssohn: Aria "O rest in the Lord" (Elijah). Sung by Madame Ada Crossley. Conducted by Mr. Percy Pitt
Tchaikovsky: Third Movement (Scherzo) from Symphony No.6 in B minor ("Pathetic"). Conducted by Mr. Landon Ronald


Wagner: Prelude "Die Meistersinger". Conducted by Herr Mengelberg
Wagner: "The Ride of the Valkyries" ("Die Walkure"). Conducted by Sir Thomas Beecham
Wagner: Vorspiel "Lohengrin". Conducted by M Fritz Ernaldy
Wagner: Overture: Tannhauser. Conducted by Herr Mengelberg Dykes orch. Sir Henry
Wood: Hymn "Nearer my God to Thee." Conducted by Sir Henry J. Wood
God Save The King




Horn Section:
Oskar Borsdorf, A.E. Brain (Sen.), A.E. Brain (Jun.), Aubrey H. Brain, W.C. Breethoff, T.R. Busby, E.A. Button, Walter Clegg, C. Clinton, R.W. Douglas, Sam Esdaile, Fred Guttridge, H.G. Hambleton, George Manners, B.J. Muskett, F. Paersch, Alex. Penn, Frank Probyn, F.W. Salkeld, G.W. Smith, H.F. Thornton, H. Van Der Meerschen, E.A. Wright, G. Wright




In Memoriam
W. Theodore Brailey
Roger Bricoux
John Frederick P. Clarke
Wallace Hartley
John Law Hume
George Krins
Percy C. Taylor
J. Wesley Woodward

Who perished on the "Titanic" 15th April, 1912

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